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Bird Watching in Uganda

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Uganda harbors such a enormous diversity of birds, alongside many migrant birds that are present from a specific season that is November to April and it becomes the best destination for Bird Watching.

The remarkable avian diversity in Uganda is similar to that of Great Britain which is over 1000 species which is attributed to its location between the savannah of East Africa, the rainforests of West Africa and the semi-desert in the north.

Uganda is the utmost destination for birding enthusiasts as it lies in a unique position sharing all Africa’s major ecological zones rendering it is true birders paradise. The variations in the landscape offers many birds their habitats like swamps, forests, lakes, mountains and savannas harbouring over 1065 bird species.

Some of the notable avian species in Uganda include;

African jacana,Black-headed lapwing,Orange weaver,Red-throated alethe,Shoebill,Archer’s robin-chat, black-lored babbler ,Blue-headed sunbird,Chapin’s flycatcher,Dusky crimsonwing,Dwarf honeyguide,Fox’s weaver,Golden-winged sunbird,Grant’s bluebill,Grauer’s broadbill,Grauer’s cuckoo-shrike,Grauer’s swamp warbler,Handsome francolin,Hartlaub’s turaco,Jackson’s francolin,Karamoja apalis,Nahan’s francolin,Neumann’s warbler,Oberlaender’s ground thrush,Purple-breasted sunbird,Red-faced barbe,Red-faced woodland, Warbler,Red-throated alethe,Regal sunbird,Ruwenzori apalis,Ruwenzori batis,Ruwenzori double-collared sunbird,Ruwenzori nightjar,Ruwenzori turaco,Shelley’s crimsonwing,Strange weaver,Stripe-breasted tit,Red-tailed ant thrush,Rufous flycatcher-thrush,White-bellied crested flycatcher

White-bellied robin-chat,White-naped pigeon,Yellowbill.

When visit Uganda for bird watching

Uganda’s ecological and vegetation renders it a perfect place to go on bird watching adventure all year-round. Though the best time for bird watching is from late May through September, when there is less rain and food is abundant.

Where to go for a bird watching adventure

Birds in Uganda can be seen everywhere, where you can enjoy an unplanned birding section in all the Uganda National Parks.

Though they are specific places or parks where you can maximise a bird watching adventure including Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park with most of Albertine Rift endemics,Murchison Falls has a wide array of common birds and specials including the sought-after shoebill  and Semuliki National Park is the only place in East Africa to see many Guinea-Congo regional species.

Bird watching in Uganda renders easy spotting of many birds by birding for a short period of time.While Birding in Uganda you will be fascinated and intrigued, if you wish to include your Birding adventure into your Gorillas,Chimpanzee as well as classic game-drive safari.