Attractions in lake Mburo national park

Attractions in lake Mburo national park Lake Mburo National Park is a small but beautiful safari park in Uganda, located just about 2 hours’ drive from Entebbe or Kampala city. Despite its size, the park boasts unique wildlife that sets it apart from other safari destinations. Some of the distinctive wildlife species found here include Impala antelopes, Elands antelopes, Rothchild giraffe, Burchell’s zebras, and more. In this article, we’ll explore the outstanding attractions that make Lake Mburo National Park a must-visit destination on a Uganda Safari.

Location and Accessibility

Situated along the Masaka – Mbarara highway in the western region of Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park is conveniently close to Kampala city. The ease of access, being just a 2-hour drive from Entebbe or Kampala, makes it a feasible and attractive destination for safari enthusiasts.

Wildlife Diversity

Despite its modest size, Lake Mburo National Park stands out for hosting a variety of unique wildlife species that are not easily found in other safari destinations. Visitors can encounter Impala antelopes, Elands antelopes, Rothchild giraffe, Burchell’s zebras, and more. The park’s wildlife diversity makes it a captivating destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Horseback Riding Adventure

Lake Mburo is the sole safari park in Uganda that offers the exhilarating experience of horseback riding. Managed by Mihingo Safari Lodge within the park, this family-friendly activity allows both adults and children to explore the park’s beauty on horseback. The adventure provides an opportunity to traverse the savannah landscape, get up close to unique wildlife, and create lasting memories.

Game Drive Safaris

Attractions in lake Mburo national parkFor an immersive experience in Lake Mburo National Park, a game drive safari is a must. This activity allows visitors to witness a plethora of intriguing wildlife species, including Rothchild giraffes, Burchell’s Zebras, Impala antelopes, Eland antelopes, duikers, waterbucks, warthogs, elephants, and various bird species. Opting for a 4×4 safari vehicle ensures a rewarding game drive experience, navigating all road conditions within the park.

Boat Cruise on Lake Mburo

Apart from the excitement of game drives, a boat cruise on Lake Mburo is another breathtaking attraction. This cruise offers a unique perspective, allowing travelers to explore wildlife such as crocodiles, hippos, and vibrant bird species along the shores, including the prehistoric shoebill stork.

Bird Watching

Attractions in lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo National Park is renowned as a top bird-watching destination in Uganda, boasting over 315 colorful bird species. Among its avian residents is the famous prehistoric shoebill stork, making it a haven for bird enthusiasts. Bird watching can be enjoyed during game drives or boat cruises within the park.

Other Attractions

In addition to the key attractions mentioned, Lake Mburo National Park offers various other activities for visitors to enjoy:

Guided Nature Walks/Walking Safaris: Explore the park on foot and connect with nature through guided walks.

Salt Licks: Witness wildlife congregating at salt licks, providing a unique opportunity for observation.

Cultural Encounter: Engage in cultural experiences that offer insights into the local communities around the park.


In summary, the attractions in Lake Mburo National Park are exceptionally captivating, each offering a unique safari experience. If you’re seeking a short yet enriching safari in one of Uganda’s prime parks, Lake Mburo National Park is an excellent choice. Every dollar spent on your Uganda Safari, especially on a 3-day tour to Lake Mburo National Park, promises unforgettable moments amidst the park’s natural wonders.