Attractions in lake Mburo national park

Attractions in lake Mburo national park

Attractions in lake Mburo national park : Also the smallest savannah park in Uganda, lake Mburo National Park is a gorgeous safari park in the Pearl of Africa that you need to explore on a Uganda Safari. The park is located close to Kampala city – about 2 hours drive from Entebbe or Kampala city. It is along the Masaka – Mbarara highway in the western region of Uganda.  Regardless of its size, Lake Mburo National Park prides in hosting unique wildlife species which is the star attraction in this park. Wildlife in lake Mburo National park is unusual, as in not easy to find elsewhere in other safari destination. Some of the wildlife species include; Impala antelopes, Elands antelopes, rothchild giraffe,  burchell’s zebras, among others.

There is a lot to experience while on a Uganda Safari to Lake Mburo National park, thus it important that exploring park’s beauty can not be summarized in one day.

mburo wildlife

Here below, we present you outstanding attractions in Lake Mburo National Park

Horseback riding

It is important to note that, lake Mburo is the only safari park in Uganda where you get a chance to enjoy a  breathtaking horseback riding adventure. This wonderful adventure offers an opportunity to get around the park’s beauty, explore the eye catching savannah landscape of park, get close to the unique stunning wildlife species on a horseback ride thus giving you long lasting memories. Horseback riding in lake Mburo is managed Mihingo safari lodge with in the park. This is a family friendly activity that favors both adults and children on a Uganda Safari. Horseback riding is one of the great attractions in Lake Mburo National Park that gives visitors an epic adventure.

Game drive Safaris

Game drive is the best to explore lake Mburo National Park, you enjoy viewing lots of intriguing wildlife species like Rothchild giraffes, Burchell’s Zebras, Impala antelopes, Eland antelopes, duikers, waterbucks, warthogs, elephants among others and many beautiful birds species including the shoebill stork. Game drive is another star attraction in Lake Mburo National Park that is a must highlight on a safari to the park. However, consider hiring a 4×4 safari vehicle with the ability to manage all road conditions with in park and this favors a rewarding game drive experience.

game drive in lake Mburo

Boat cruise on Lake Mburo National Park

Besides, game driving lake Mburo National Park, boat cruise is another breathtaking attraction in lake Mburo National Park that offers all travelers signature of memories. Boat cruise in the park takes you to explore the intriguing wildlife species, namely; – the crocodiles, hippos and many colorful bird species on the shores like the prehistoric shoebill stork plus many other birds.

boat cruise in lake Mburo

Bird watching 

Lake Mburo National Park is one of the top leading bird watching destination in Uganda with over 315 colorful bird species. And it is famous home to the prehistoric shoebill stork plus a variety of other bird species. You can enjoy a birding on a game drive or boat cruise in the park.

Other attractions in lake Mburo National Park include;

  • Guided Nature walks/ Walking Safaris
  • Salt Licks
  • Cultural encounter among others.

In synopsis, the attractions in Lake Mburo National park are extremely charming and each offers you a unique safari experience. And if you are looking for a short safari in Uganda’s prime parks, then consider visiting lake Mburo National Park, trust me you wont regret every dollar spent on your Uganda Safari. Book with us a 3 days tour to Lake Mburo National park, this safari takes you to enjoy the best of park’s attractions.