Best time of the year to trek gorillas

Best time of the year to trek gorillas.

Best time of the year to trek gorillas in Uganda is a frequently asked question by many travelers planning to gorilla trekking safaris in Africa. It is important to note that Uganda has been ranked for the best, safe and affordable gorilla trekking safari worth for dreamlife adventure through out the year.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is possible all year round due to the fact that, the country is politically stable with few or minimal cases of poaching in the gorilla safari destinations,  poaching has been managed by the local communities that are situated around the parks that host the mountain gorillas.

Here below to present you the best time of the year to trek gorillas

One thing interesting about Uganda gorilla trekking is that the activity is done through out the year. However, we recommend the dry season as the best time of the year to trek gorillas. Although the dry season is at the same time the peak season when many tourists are flooding into the country for Uganda Safaris. Thus expect hiked prices because of the high demandfor gorilla safaris in the country.

 The dry season

There are two dry seasons in Uganda that favors a lot of tourism activities including gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest. The dry season occurs between the months of December to February-( short dry season) and between the months of June to August-(long dry season).

At this time of the year, gorilla trekking is extremely interesting and easy, due to the fact that the roads leading to the gorilla safari destination are dry and easy to navigate through and the trekking trail are dry as well thus making it easy to trek gorillas compared to the wet season that features wet, muddy and grounds.

On addition to this, the sky is so clear with little or no rains expected to interract the gorilla trekking exercise, the clear sky also favors outstanding photography on your gorilla tour.

we also advise tourists to consider early booking for the gorilla permits atleast 4-6 months prior to the time of travel. This is due to the fact that gorilla permits are competitive thus they get sold out so fast, because of the high demand.


The wet season

 It is important to note that the wet season in Uganda can be ideal time to go safaris in Uganda. Although it is characterized with heavy rains, wet, muddy and slippery grounds in the gorilla safari destinations. The wet season is experienced in two phases, around the months of October to November and between March to June- the long wet season, though much rains are expected during this season, it does not rain the entire day, for resistance, it can rain in the morning hours and by afternoon it is hot and shinning thus giving you chance to proceed with your safari activities.

At this time of the year, the roads leading to the gorilla safari parks are very bad, most cars often get stuck on the way and forest trails get slippery due to rains thus making the gorilla trek a bit challenging and strenuous.

However, the wet season is known for having discounted rates on accommodation  and also tour operators do offer discounted rates on safari packages thus the wet season can be perfect time of the year for budget travelers to go gorilla trekking in Uganda.

You also don’t need to worry about crowds in the safari destinations since there are few tourists coming in to enjoy Uganda safaris, which is one of the reasons why the wet season is considered an off season/ low season with few travelers flocking the country.

During the dry season, when travelling to Bwindi impenetrable forest park or Mgahinga gorilla national, remember to carry your strong waterproof rain jackets as an emergency in case it rains while trekking as well as the strong gum boots to ease movement in the wet forest trails.

In the wet season, we argue all travelers to consider renting a good 4×4 safari vehicle that can manage the conditions of the wet season when many roads become slippery and quite challenging to navigate through.

In synopsis the best time of the year to trek gorillas in Africa is during the dry season, although Uganda gorilla safari destinations are open to all visitors through out the year. And gorilla trekking experience is as well open year round to all travelers allover the world. Incase you need to know more about the best time of the year to trek gorillas and how to book a gorilla safari, simply browse our website or contact our travel experts.