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Mt.Rwenzori National Park

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Mount Rwenzori National Park
Mount Rwenzori National Park
Mount Rwenzori National Park

Mount Rwenzori National Park is situated in Western Uganda in the East African Rift Valley and straddles also to the Democratic Republic of Congo and its conservation area known as Virunga National Park. Mount Rwenzori National Park is the third highest in Africa rising up more than 16,700 feet above sea level and its highest peaks rise above the clouds and are permanently snow capped. Margherita Peak is the highest peak on the ranges and is the 3rd highest peak in Africa.

Wildlife and Vegetation in Mount Rwenzori National Park

The park is home to 70 species of mammals, including six Albertine Rift endemics; four are endemic to the park and three are rare species. Other mammals include the elephant, chimpanzee, Rwenzori otter and leopard. Though wildlife is difficult to spot in the dense forest, do look out for primates such as colobus (Angola and black-and-white varieties are both present) and blue monkeys; small antelope such as bushbucks.

The park is home to 217 species of birds and fifteen of butterflies have been recorded in the park and the most sought out reptile is the three-horned chameleon.

How to Get to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Rwenzori Mountain National Park is mostly frequented by mountaineering enthusiasts in search of a fun filled adventure.The park can be accessed by either road or air, according to the preference and budget of the traveler.

  • If you are travelling by road, the journey from Kampala to Kasese will take you about 5 hours in a 4WD vehicle which is mostly advisable due to the terrain in southwestern Uganda.
  • You can also opt to travel by air, they are scheduled flights at Entebbe International Airport that will put you in Kasese in about 11/2 hours from where you will proceed to the park

Activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Mountain climbing

This is the recent opened Kilembe trail that rises in the southern slopes of the Rwenzori from a trailhead at the Kilembe just near the town of Kasese. This route is along the Nyamwamba Valley that goes through the glacier lakes and the spectacular view points before joining the central circuit at Lake Kitandara.

Nature Walks

Indulge in an expedition, enjoy day hikes through the forests at the foothills as you enjoy unique activities like fishing with your hands in streams, catching glimpses of different plant species, butterfly species. Nature walks are so relaxing and refreshing as you stroll through the trees and swamps.

Cultural encounters

Engage in encounters with the locals at the foothills of the mountain as you watch their cultural lifestyles and day to day activities like cultural dances. You will also visit the Ruboni village where you will learn about the lifestyles of old of the forefathers of the mountains of the moon.

Staying at the foothills of Mt. Rwenzori

You can retire from a long activity filled day by resting in one of the lodges at foothills of the mountains of the moon.Take a soothing hot bath as you enjoy the beautiful scenery and at night enjoy a bonfire as you listen to tales of the mountains of the moon.

Mount Rwenzori National Park
Mount Rwenzori National Park
Mount Rwenzori National Park