Gorilla trekking clothing

Gorilla trekking clothing

Gorilla trekking clothing : Gorilla trekking clothes is a frequently asked question by many tourists planning a gorilla tour in Africa. Take note that the mountain gorillas live in the remote areas and mountainous areas with limited access to access to modern services and also at the mountainous areas. The forests feature impenetrable thicket and tangled green with walking trails. Remember, you have to wake up for the early gorilla trekking which sets off at 08:00am.

gorilla trekking clothing

 The temperatures are not reliable thus you need to carry with you some comfortable and warm clothing’s plus waterproof shoes. Avoid clothes  clothes which may make you look like a sore thumb attract unnecessary attention. The gorilla trekking experience attracts more travelers and most of them are new, they don’t know what gorilla trekking clothing to pack.

Here below we bring you a list of the gorilla trekking clothes you should pack for your gorilla safari in Uganda.

Trekking boots

When coming for a gorilla trekking experience you should pack the gorilla trekking boots for hiking. You have to hike while looking for the endangered mountain gorillas. And also, the nature of the forest, altitude and the terrain need light weight hiking boots for the activity to go on smoothly.

Dull colored clothings

When planning a gorilla safari, think about carrying dull colored clothings like khaki shirts and trousers, army green among others that blend with the natural environment in the forest jungle. Avoid bright colored clothings which destructs the peace of the gorilla family in the forest. Such as white clothes which get dirty for first because of the dusty roads of Uganda.

Rain jacket

You have to carry a rain jacket with you which is water and wind proof.it has to be with a hood for covering the head and the hair whether its wet or dry season because the forests in the park attract rain especially Bwindi impenetrable forest which has tropical rain forest and the climate is influenced by the micro condition of the area. Therefore, rain is expected any time in this park.

Long trousers

Long trousers are must gorilla trekking clothes, these protect your body from tree scratches, insect bites from bugs safari ants plus other small wild insects. Your trouser must be tacked in your hiking boots to avoid dangerous wild insects from entering your trousers. The trousers also must be water proofed so that to avoid wetting them when kneeling down to capture the clear view of the photos in case of photo shoot. You are recommended to carry only khaki and jean trousers.

gorilla  trekking clothing

Hat and sun glasses

Carry the African hat and the sun glasses to cover your head and wear sun glasses to protect your eyes while in the hot season and the abrupt hot days. The sun glasses should be carried to protect the eyes from the direct strong sunlight rays.

Garden gloves

The misty forest can at times get slippery while gorilla trekking and you may need to touch down or on some plants to get support. Some plants are prickly and itching in thus they can harm you when touched while hiking. To avoid germs when you touch down you have to carry the garden gloves to avoid all that sort of inconvenience during your gorilla trekking experience in Uganda.

What to pack for a gorilla trekking safari besides gorilla trekking clothes include;

Cameras and extra batteries.

You are advised to pack your camera when planning for the adventurous safari in Uganda. You have to carry extra batteries to be on a safer side because you will have to take as many photos as possible for your remembrance. When taking gorilla photographs you are highly recommended to switch off the flash lights.

Energy giving snacks

Since trekking takes long hours, you are advised to pack some energy giving snacks. You will be given time to rest and take your snacks so that to be able to gain energy. You can inform your hotel in Uganda to pack them for you


To spot and have a clear view of the birdlife which are over 350 in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, distant animal like the elephants, and birds and other small tiny insects you have to be with a binocular. You can view some other distant plants and the beautiful sceneries with in the national park even though you are heading for a gorilla trekking experience.


Since gorilla trekking is tiring you may need a helping hand to push you a bit. We recommend our clients to hire porters at an affordable fee and it is also optional.so you have to put in mind that through hiring portieres you are contributing to the development of a community indirectly.

You should also come along with personal toiletries, a first aid kit with prescribed medications like anti-diarrhea medicine, hydration sachets, antiseptic cream, eye drops, moist towels, plasters among the rest.

Lastly but not the least you have to pack a note book, all your travel documents like passport, travel insurance, inoculations plus your next of kin personal details.

Hand Sanitizers and Face Masks

To ensure maximum safety for one ‘self in this Covid-19 pandemic period during the Uganda safari, you have to carry hand sanitizer and face masks with you so that to experience a successful gorilla trekking.

Incase you need to know of what gorilla trekking clothes to pack, simply get in touch with your travel assistance to assist plan a lifetime gorilla adventure in Uganda.