Kidepo Valley National Park Entry Fees

Kidepo Valley National Park Entry Fees

Kidepo Valley National Park Entry Fees : Entry fees to Kidepo Valley National Park is the charged levied by the Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) to permit you enter the park. The main core reason there is entry fees to kidepo valley National Park is develop the park, regulate, manage and support the local communities through constructing infrastructures like schools, hospitals, enhance sustainable tourism in this safari destination among others roles.

kidepo national park fees

Kidepo valley National Park is one of the intriguing National parks in Uganda and listed among top safari destination you need to experience on a true African adventure. From the stunning unique wildlife, fascinating cultures, eye catching landscapes to the mountain and hills, there is a lot to explore when you take a tour to Kidepo Valley National Park.

All you need to know about Entry fees to Kidepo valley National park;

The entry fees to Kidepo Valley National Park is stipulated to different categories of visitors to the park. This is according to the traveler’s status in terms of citizenship namely East African Citizens, Foreign residents as well as Foreign non Residents.

On this note, you are thus required to present a national ID, passport details or working permit to the UWA officers at the gate to ease their operations.

As International visitors/ Foreign non Residents are required to present their passport details, Foreign residents in the country are requested to present their working permit and the East African Residents are required to show their National IDs at all entry gates of the Park.  The above documents are must, if you would love to access Kidepo valley National Park, without them you not be allowed to enter the park.

Individual Entry Fees

To all International Visitors/ Foreign non Residents are required to pay entry fees of USD $40  per adult and USD $20 per child per 24 hours.

Foriegh Residents are charged a fees of USD $30 per person and USD $10  per child per 24 hours.

East African Residents are charged UGX 30,000/= per adult, UGX 5000/= per child and students, and finally UGX 3000/= to pupils.

Vehicle Entry fees

Ugandan registered Vehicles are charged UGX 30,000/= for 4X4 safari cars whilst UGX 20,000/= for small cars/ Saloon cars.

Tour company vehicles for international pay $120  for big vehicles and $50 for pick ups and 4×4 safari cars. The motorcycles are charged $30 for all international Visitors.

Annual Entry fees

Annual park entry fees do apply all tourists. Thus East African residents pay UGX 300,000/= , UGX 200,00/= for family of four people, Corporates pay 2,500,000/=, taxi drivers 100,000/= Tour operators pay UGX 125,000/= but tour company drivers don’t pay.

The annual entry fees for International Visitors (Foriegh Non Residents) are charged annual entry fees of USD $500 and Foreign residents pay annual entry fees of USD $350 per person.

Aircraft Landing fees

Kidepo Valley National park is graced with an airstrip where Aircraft can land thus giving chance to all groups of tourist across the world visit and explore the beauty of this wilderness safari park. The pilots do pay once due to the fact they spend less time in park like about 2 hours. It is important to note that aircraft are also charged according to their category.

  • Parking fees for all aircraft are charged UGX 5000 per day .
  • Helicopters pay $100 for international visitors and UGX 120,000 for East African Aircraft.
  • Aircraft that seats 20 passengers and above pay USD $60 for all foreign residents and UGX 120,000/= for East African Citizens’ aircraft.
  • An aircraft that seats15-20 passengers pay USD $50 and UGX 100,000/= for East African Aircraft.
  • 7-14 seat air craft pay USD $ 40 for foriegh international visitors and UGX 80,000/= for East African aircraft.
  • The aircraft that seats 4-6 aircraft is charged USD $ 30 for international visitors and UGX 60,000 for East African Citizens.

We hope the above information guides you to have proper projections of your trip budget for kidepo National Park Safari this season. For booking or more inquiries simply contact our safari experts and trust me, you wont regret every dollar spent on your Uganda Safari to Kidepo Valley National Park.