Lake Mburo National Park Fees

Lake Mburo National Park Fees / Entry Fees to Lake Mburo National Park.

Park entry fees is the charge asked the main gates of all safari destinations, after paying it then you are given access enter and enjoy your favorite activities. Lake Mburo national park is small savannah park situated along the Masaka – Mbarara Highway in Kiruhura district. The park covers an area of about 260 square kilometers and it is found in the western direction of Uganda. It is one of those stunning national parks close to Kampala city.

From Entebbe airport or Kampala city, it is about 2 hours drive to Lake Mburo with a 4×4 safari car.

lake mburo gates

Here below we present you park entry fees information for Lake Mburo National Park;

It is paramount to note that there are only two entrance gates to Lake Mburo National Park, namely; Sanga gate and Nshara gates- all these to you one final destination and you are required to pay same entry fees.

If you are from Kampala city, and choose to use Nshara gate, it takes you about 48 Kilometers to access the park property. Whilst if you enter through Sanga gate, it takes you about 12 hours. However, take note that from Kampala to Lake Mburo National Park takes you about 2- 3 hours driver while covering a distance of about 248 kilometers.

The new gate to Lake Mburo National park was opened with a main purpose to serve the big number of tourists that were flooding in the park and also to easy the epic safari experiences in the park to all travelers.

Where do I pay the park entry fees to Lake Mburo National Park?

Just like any other National Park in Uganda, lake Mburo National Park is under the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority. On this note, definitely they manage all park entry fees collected from this safari park. The management team has drafted entry fees structure required to be paid by anyone who would love to explore Lake Mburo National Park.

The entry fees structure has a list of different charges as discussed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The fees charges levied include;

Individual entry fees

For all Foreign non Residents, you are required to pay entry fees of USD $40  per adult and USD $20 per child, Foriegh Residents pay USD $30 per person and USD $10  per child whilst East African Residents are charged UGX 30,000/= per adult, UGX 5000/= per child and students, and finally UGX 3000/= to pupils.

Annual Entry fees

Annual park entry fees do apply all tourists. Thus East African residents pay UGX 300,000/= , UGX 200,00/= for family of four people, Corporates pay 2,500,000/=, taxi drivers 100,000/= Tour operators pay UGX 125,000/= but tour company drivers don’t pay.

International Visitors (Foriegh Non Residents) are charged annual entry fees of USD $500 and Foreign residents pay annual entry fees of USD $350 per person.

Vehicle Entry fees for Lake Mburo National Park

Ugandan registered Vehicles are charged UGX 30,000/= for all SUVs or 4X4 safari cars whilst UGX 20,000/= for small cars/ Saloon cars.

 Tour company vehicles for international pay $120  and $50 for pick ups and 4×4 safari cars. The motorcycles are charged $30 per international Visitors.

It is important to note that, about 20% of the money levied from the park entry fees of the park is given back to community that mother this safari park. This has been used to develop the infrastructures like schools, hospitals, vocation institutes among others that support local natives as stakeholders towards sustainable tourism in Lake Mburo National Park.  Feel free to reach us incase you would love to know more about the entry fees to lake National Park.