The Maasai People A Cultural Journey


The Maasai An adventure to the Serengeti isn’t complete without meeting the enchanting Maasai. This cultural excursion immerses you in the fascinating ancestry of these noble people. At the Maasai village hosting your tour, you can meet a Maasai family, visit traditional huts called Manyatta, made of cow dung and clay, and perhaps visit a local school or clinic.

Extended Exploration Extend your half-day adventure to a full day and experience a day in the life of a young Maasai. For an authentic interaction, you can witness a bloodletting ceremony. It’s remarkable how the Maasai live in the heart of the bush, with warthogs foraging and elephants trumpeting nearby.


Facts About the Maasai People

The Maasai are polygamous, with men having several wives and providing for all of them.

Men look for food, care for animals, and offer protection, while women care for children, food, the Maasai market, and build houses.

They live in tiny huts with hard beds made of animal skin, keeping a small bonfire to stay warm.

Education is part of their lifestyle; toddlers attend a preschool hut, and older children walk miles to school.

They have markets in their villages selling hand-made products to tourists.

Maasai remove two canine teeth to leave space for feeding if they’re unable to open their jaws.

Their diet consists mainly of meat, milk, and blood.

Tips for Visiting a Maasai Village

Bargain when buying souvenirs from their market.

Show respect for their culture and beliefs, even if they differ from yours.

Keep an open mind and enjoy your visit.

You’re allowed to take pictures.